Project M was formed in 2014 and is the brainchild of founder Sean McNicholas. His focus was to create a game studio that would work on a unique project that would revolutionise the mobile game market forever.


Before Project M, Sean worked in corporate finance yet was actively seeking a new, fast-moving sector to work in. Prompted by the global success of games such as Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, he set his sights on the mobile gaming industry. Sean researched this market in depth – the sheer number of people playing these games globally was phenomenal and of course fascinating from a business perspective. With the on-going growth and improvement of mobile devices, connectivity, game graphics and gameplay experience, he knew this market would grow even faster as the industry continued to evolve.


Sean was fully aware that whatever type of game his dynamic team created, it would have to be a market disruptor if it was to have any chance of breaking into the sector. He looked at how much time and money people spent playing these games and began to develop a new gaming concept in which users would receive real-world awards on the back of a virtual experience that players would appreciate. His answer was gold. 24 Karat Gold. In the case of Project M’s brand new game concept, Dig That Gold, it was to award Real 24 Karat Gold Bars that would be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.


The goal now is to create a suite of mobile games each with their own unique real-world award. Our users will know that when you play one of Project M's games, you will receive more than just amusement. You can receive a real-world award.

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